Welcome to the Foam Distributors, Inc. design department. Foam Distributors has a 3 man
design team with a combination of almost 50 years of foam packaging experience.
David Brown The department supervisor graduated from Silicon Valley College in
1996 and started in the design department as a draftsman/designer. Years of hands on
experience helps David create tested and proven design concepts.
Email: David@FoamDist.com
Ext: 126
Tony Altman started in Production in 1987. Moving up the ladder until becoming a
night shift production supervisor. Tony came to the design department in 2005. His
extensive production knowledge has been a valuable addition to the department.
Email: Tony@FoamDist.com
Ext: 125
Mark David is a full time drafter and is new to the design department. He recently
came from production.
Email: Mark@FoamDist.com
Ext: 124