Services Offered
Foam Selection
Foam Distributors stocks a wide variety of foams supplied by Sealed Air, Pregis, Insulfoam, Foamex and Carpenter
Product Line Offering
Foam End and Side Caps
Foam Corner Blocks
Cut to Size Sheets and Pads
Conductive Polyurethane Foam (High & Low Density)
Anti Static Foams
Military Spec Foams
Foam Laminated to Corrugated
Custom Case Insert
Felted (Flocked) Foam
Custom Package Designs
Foam Fabrication
CNC Router Cutting
Hot Wire Cutting
Hot Blade Cutting
Die Cutting
Product Labeling
Drop Testing *
* Foam Distributors, inc. is not a certified drop test facility. Drop testing is offered to our customers as an additional
service to insure a products is performing properly.
Suppliers Material Safety Data Sheets